About Us


Simple Church defines what you find when you visit us at COTR.  Keeping it simple allows for Holy Spirit to show up and work.  It is really easy to complicate things, but we at COTR like to take a different approach.  We constantly challenge ourselves to keep things simple.  It is easier to join in when the path is simple.  We are a work in progress, but we filter all that we do through the idea of keeping it simple.  Simply put, we want Jesus to be raised up and to be the center of all we do at COTR.  

Simple helps us to make Jesus shine in and through us.


Jesus called us friends. Here at COTR we believe Jesus lives in us and that creates a bond of friendship like no other when we are friends with one another.  Friends are committed to one another and want the best for each other.  Friendship is the foundation of healthy relationships.  Once friendship happens, family begins to happen.  Family has each other’s back and bonds of trust happen and that is where true authentic life happens.  

Church on the Rock values the power of being authentically friendly. It is refreshing to experience friendly people who genuinely care about one another. 


Spirit-filled is choosing to take a step toward God which invites the power of the Holy Spirit to be a fully committed follower of Jesus.  It is available to all believers of Jesus.  When the Spirit of God leads us, we have a mindset of partnering with God in fulfilling God’s plans.  We are able to experience a deeper level of relationship with God.  The gifts of the Spirit become enhanced and that allows for us to bless others through those gifts by exposing them to God’s love in a supernatural way.  Human effort falls short of what is possible through the working of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Becoming friends and getting to know one another is not an option! We’re a small church, so we’re not for those who want to hide out and check off the box of church attendance. In fact, we don’t believe in those boxes–that’s religion. We believe that doing life together should be fun, adventurous, frequent, and messy. Lives are messy and we don’t mind the mess, so don’t expect perfection. You’ll probably hear us say, “We’re all going to heaven with a limp.”

Our passion is to help you live your passion! God has given us all gifts, talents, experiences, passions, dreams, etc. to encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves. When we know how God uniquely designed us, then we know how to bring our best self to the world around. God is not impressed by people who play small–so let’s learn together who God created us to be and just do it. We're all called to share God’s love with each other, to make disciples, and to bring heaven’s culture into ours.

In-to-me-see is what we’re created for and what satisfies our deepest desires. Yet, how many of us trust ourselves to anyone else, let alone God. It’s a challenging journey. Come walk with us as we learn together to live real, authentic, and genuine lives.

What People Say About Church On The Rock

“My husband, Danny, and I started coming to Church on the Rock about 2 years ago. We had been without a traditional church home for almost 8 years. We were connected in community with believers, but we didn’t want to “shop” for a church family to join. We never stopped praying for God to take us to the church where we could flourish.

Miraculously we met Ron & Lori in a most unlikely way…which seemed to be a total set up by God. We cautiously visited and soon learned this church had something different. They had a Pastor who lived out the “priesthood of all believers” male and female. As a female ordained pastor, my calling is quite unique and there had really never been an openness to me and my calling in a male dominated church culture.

The thing that made COTR different is that all people and all gifts are welcomed and embraced. There is a culture which allows the spiritual gifts to flourish in men and women equally. COTR embraces the Ephesians 4:11 Five-fold ministries to grow the church. They desire and they want God to fill all the roles with mature people who are called and gifted."

– Cheryl Jackson